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Editing and review services

Our English-language services can make a world of difference to your texts. We go further than just translating the meaning, using our extensive technical knowledge, sensitivity to tone and creative writing skills to produce target documents that are great at what they do – whether it's a survey, a customer magazine, shareholder information or a technical manual. 

We offer:
  • Language review or proofreading – identifies errors and inconsistencies. Detailed evaluation can be provided

  • Full copy-editing – considers the intent and audience of the text holistically, and reworks as necessary to create a polished and professional text

  • Post-layout review of PDFs

  • Context-sensitive translation of slogans, product names etc.

  • Whatever editing services you need! Please get in touch to discuss.

Our editing services are charged by the hour – which means they are worth adding even on projects that don't need much attention. In some circumstances we may agree a flat rate, so please contact us to talk about your requirements.
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